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Meet Our Trainers

Brendon Mehochko


Brendon Mehochko, of Fairview Heights, IL has been a Trainer at Mark Harrell Equine Marketing for Eleven Years. Some of his Biggest Accomplishments while there include:

·         Congress Top 10 Sr. Trail with Sleepy N I Know It

·         Congress Top 10 Sr. Trail for 3 years in a row with Lethals Hot Weapon

·         World Show Level 2 Bronze Champion Jr. Trail with RU Radical

·         Leading the Nation in the Sr. HUS with Skipalilassets.


He was one of those kids that knew from the very beginning that he wanted to be a horse trainer. Got his first horse at age 9 and it took off from there. Went to College at Black Hawk Community College and graduated with a Equestrian Science Degree and from there started working for Jeff Greaves Performance horses! Jeff was a big influence to where he is today! He enjoys the all around events because it’s a challenge. A challenge of getting the horse and rider to dance together doing multiple things. When it all comes together it’s a great thing to watch. 

Some of his clients’ many accomplishments include Congress Champion, multiple Top Fives and Top Tens at the Congress and NSBA World Shows, Leading the Nation in HUS, and numerous all-arounds.


Brendon enjoys training and coaching for the all around events. Outside of work he enjoys doing things around the house, going to see a good movie or play, and hanging out with friends and family.

Christopher Russell


Christopher Russell of Granite City, Illinois has been a trainer at Mark Harrell Equine Marketing for 11 years. Prior to working for Mark he has worked for Tommy sheets, Jeff Greaves, and John Kaiser.


Chris got his first horse at the age of 11. Shortly after, his parents purchased a boarding facility and this is where Chris met Gary Robinson.  Gary had a huge impact on Chris in training horses.

Some of Chris' accomplishments include:

  • Congress Champion

  • Multiple Congress top 10   

  • World Show Level 2 Top Ten - Trail and Performance Halter 

  • Buckskin World and Reserve world champion.


Some of his clients’ many accomplishments include Congress Champion, multiple Top Fives and Top Tens at the Congress and NSBA World Shows, Top Five at Youth World Show, Leading the Nation, and numerous all-arounds.

Chris says that his favorite horse of all time has to be Tai Me High, aka Ollie, because his personality is so much like his own. 

Outside of work he enjoys doing projects on his house, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.

Patti Finch, Asst. Trainer


Patti Finch of Caseyville, Illinois joined the Mark Harrell Equine Marketing team in December of 2016, after having interned the previous summer. 

Horses have been a part of Patti’s life since she was six, and began showing in high school. She then attended William Woods University where she studied Equestrian Sciences.


While at William Woods, she was a member of the western show team, and showed AQHA, APHA, and PtHA. She also competed in the collegiate horse judging team, and won a national championship in 2015.

Outside of work, Patti enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and listening to music.

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