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Mini-Heeler Puppies, Frenchies, Cowboy Corgis and more...oh, my!!


Mark is expanding his dog breeding business to include Texas Heelers, Cowboy Corgis, French Bulldogs and Border Collies. Call him NOW!  to see what puppies are available!   618-407-3221   Look below to see pictures of puppies from some of his litters. 


Mark has been breeding mini-heelers for quite a few years now, making him one of the go-to breeders for quality mini-companions in the United States. Each time he has a litter they go quickly, so if you see a post on Facebook or this web site call him quickly and claim your pup! You won't regret it!  618-407-3221.  Visit his Facebook page for additional pictures and information.

Cowboy Corgis - call Mark

Frenchie pup

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